Ericsson Racing

Ericsson Racing
Juan Yacht Design VOR70. Project Manager – Ben Wright

Constructed – Ericsson HQ, Sweden, 2007/8

When dominating the 2008/9 Volvo Ocean Race, both Ericsson-3 & Ericsson-4 used winch systems designed and built with Jon Williams.  These transmissions featured the use of custom built fully lubricated gearboxes and in-house customised Harken winches.

It was also the first introduction of the Keronite surface treatment to the tortures of deep offshore ocean racing.  Ericsson chose to use Keronite on their pit winches.  37,000 nautical miles later, they were still in good condition.

Klüber Lubrication of Germany worked with us during the race to develop a specialised blend of grease providing increased resilience to the salt water environment.  Contact us to know more about lubrication performance on race boat winch system & purchase the best lubricants suited to inshore & offshore racing.

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