Verdier / VPLP 100’Project managers – Tim Hacket & Comanche Team

Constructed – Hodgdon Yachts / Comanche team 2014

The Comanche team contacted STAYINPHASE with a suspicion they may need something special… Studying their manoeuvres playbook & deck layout to evaluate the effects of high level torque loads upon standard components, we determined several probable limitations.  We began to design a system which the crew could fully depend upon during all the tough challenges ahead.

What transpired was a very special experience for us.  We were fully immersed in the project for twelve months of design, manufacturing and testing.  We scaled up our successful M-Class gearboxes with their special friction reducing features, together with a small selection of one-off designs for Comanche.  We built new large diameter thin wall section drive shafts with titanium end fittings and fitted custom built hydraulic pump arrangements which can be fully isolated to minimise power losses.

The system is optimised in relation to maximum torque loading and can be 100% manually driven.  To reduce weight when the engine PTO is in use, the manually powered hydraulic pumps can be removed.

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