BMW Oracle Racing

BMW Oracle Racing
BMW ORACLE Racing / VPLP  ‘DoG 90’     Project management – Mark Tuner / Tim Smyth

Constructed – Core Builders, Anacortes, WA, USA 2009

Jon was a full-time member of the shore crew with BMW Oracle Racing from 2003 until 2010 and experienced a very demanding, but equally rewarding session with the team.  A highlight of the 2010 challenge was to be heavily involved with the transformation from manual to powered systems.

Jon constructed a four metre full-scale mock-up of the central hull.  Constructed at the Cariboni hydraulics facility in Italy, the mock-up featured hand built fuel system, cooling system & exhaust components.   The ‘hull’ was fully insulated for heat retention before the tuned BMW diesel engine was fitted by BMW Motorsport engineers.  A full load & cooling system testing session was followed by manufacture of parts in composite materials and everything then positioned into USA17.  The rest is history…

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