Judel/Vrolijk TP52. Project manager – Andy Clark

Constructed – Persico, Nembro, Italy 2015

Gladiator Sailing Team took a big step up for the 2015 season with launch of their new J/V designed fifty two.  Andy Clark and the guys were on a mission to create a great boat for the owner and they certainly delivered!

“Less is more” as they say… so we were happy to take the minimalist pathway which Andy asked for.  Once again we supplied a significant proportion of the composite structural components for this system, carefully lining things up and creating a very rigid, simple transmission.  Gladiator also selected to perform the same modifications to their winches as we had for RAN-6, and this yielded the best looking sets of super-low profile winches on the dock for the season.

We worked with Steve Koopman to make our composite components work as a unified aspect of the structure.  The TDX-4 takedown system is a part of the structure and provides the crew with lighting quick response between winch and takedown drum functions.

Form, function and performance.

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